We do Digital Advertising.

Digital advertising will become your biggest lead generation tool, or your greatest frustration.


Don’t get sold into buying impressions; get strategic in generating leads. To get serious results you’ll need a creative, a strategist and a math genius pouring over your ads, daily. Or, you can count on April Ford.

Social media advertising

Imagine if you could target an audience based on age, gender, location, socioeconomics, interests, political persuasion and behaviour? Guess what; you can. It’s called social media advertising. Anyone can boost a post or create impressions, but few can seriously generate leads. Don’t risk the biscuit, let us manage your social media advertising.

Google ads

Why do you need a specialist to look after your Google Ads? We have a dedicated Google Ads team that spends each day monitoring, reviewing and optimising your ads. They’re constantly testing, tweaking and perfecting ads to ensure they’re performing and creating leads. And, let’s not forget the importance of targeting. We make sure your ad is specifically seen by the right person, right when they want what you are selling!


What’s Included?

All of our digital advertising services include the following;

  • A strategic plan based on goals and conversions

  • Creative copywriting to match your brands voice

  • Creative design of display ads, tiles & digital elements

  • Weekly and monthly in-depth reporting and analytics

Our dedicated, in-house team are experienced across all forms of Digital Advertising. We can help with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and more. If you’re ready to maximise your brand exposure and increase your revenue contact our Digital Advertising team today and let’s get you seen!

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