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The ultimate collection of free marketing tools and downloads. These resources are designed to help you streamline your marketing.


Facebook Ad Targeting

This booklet was originally created as an internal training tool but we decided it would be useful for people who are not familiar with Facebook advertising to highlight what’s possible.

Imagine sending a special birthday promotion to someone who lives in your local area in the week leading up to their birthday or targeting Frequent International Travellers within a certain age-bracket to attend a travel event you’re hosting. It’s all possible with Facebook advertising.


Digital Audit

We have created a quick checklist so you can audit your current digital strategy, and we can help point you in the direction of what to do next.


Marketing Calendar Template

A marketing calendar gives your company something to focus on. It helps you determine essential steps required to obtain your marketing objectives, makes forward planning easy to do, and helps generate ideas for campaigns, products and services for your customers.


“Show me. Don’t tell me.”

Nigel Forbes