5 Marketing Ideas You Should Do Today


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Even though, as an agency,  we offer digital services, we are huge believers in all forms of marketing. Whether that is customer service, events, traditional media like TV and radio, the list goes on and on. Your digital assets should be used to tell a brands story, but it’s up to the business owner to drive the activities that build the story. Stuck for ideas? Here are 5 to consider today.

1. Plan micro events for past, current and future customers.

Nothing will ever beat being in front of your customers. Significant events can be overwhelming and impersonal; consider holding micro-events to connect with your customers. For example, if you know a new restaurant is opening where you work and live, support the new business owner and take a handful of customers out for dinner to connect on a personal/friendship level.

2.  Send thoughtful thank you cards and gifts  

No-one receives anything fun in the mail, anymore; unless they have paid for it. When I hear the posties bike, I find myself hoping they don't stop at my house as I know it's going to be bills, bills and more bills. Consider sending thank you gifts and cards; services, like Say It With A Box, are a great way to let someone know you appreciate them or let them know you are thinking of them. Shani from Say It With A Box works with us weekly, packaging gifts with our branding, and a beautifully handwritten card.

3. Get on the phone.

Ever wondered why a customer suddenly stopped buying from you? Call them to find out. As a Marketing Manager, running events was my opportunity to market research; even today, if I am waiting in a clients office and one of their clients walk in, I often strike up a conversation to hear how they heard about my clients business, why they chose them, etc.

4. Hire help, where help is needed.  

Don’t have time to return phone calls? No time to write your social media posts? If you can't complete essential tasks inside of your business, outsource them. Need a phone answer service? Speak to Noosa Boardroom. Need a virtual assistant? Hire Creative VA. Need help with your social media services, call us. The best part about business today, is that there is someone out there who can help you with pretty much anything. As they say, Google it, and you shall find it.

5. Improve your internal processes & procedures.  

Adding checklists and to-do lists might not be an apparent marketing activity, but if it helps you improve your output, it's marketing. I am forever on the hunt to improve processes and today; you can find a piece of software to help you do anything.

At April Ford, we try to keep internal emails to a minimum; with my personal preference being non-existent. To do this, we use a task management software called Asana. I think I say I love Asana on a daily basis. It keeps our entire team and every project on track. We know what tasks to complete, when and maintains our internal communication to task-specific; avoiding the dreaded email CC or BCC.

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