A Day in the Life of a Content Creator


A Day in The Life of a Content Creator 

We’re just going to lay it out there; these days, we’re truly spoiled with beautiful content. As your fingers scroll through social media, you’re bound to encounter a constant stream of beautifully curated feeds featuring perfectly crisp photos, witty one-liner captions, flawless graphic design, topical information, thought-provoking questions, immaculately designed flat-lays and outside-the-box product shots. But, do you know and appreciate what goes on behind the scenes of these images and short video productions before they’re uploaded to your screens?

Let us share with you, a day in the life of a Content Creator at April Ford, so you can see exactly how much work goes into creating beautiful content for our brands.

A typical day is anything but routine for our Content Team. Oh, and when we say ‘team’ we don’t just mean your Content Account Manager; we mean the entire smorgasbord of April Ford creative talent who provide input, including our in-house Photographer, Stylist, Graphic Designer, Copywriter and Editor.

 Our entire team get’s involved when it comes to Content Creation.

Early rise and we’re ready to shine

Our Content Team start their day at the crack of dawn and following a swig of local coffee from The Birds and the Bees they’re bursting at the seams with ideas and ready to go. First up, they liaise with our in-house Photographer and Stylist to finalise photo shoot briefs before organising and loading props into the April Ford van for a morning of shooting offsite.

Once they’ve reached the location of the day

The beach, local café, rainforest, garden centre, daycare; wherever the set location is for the day, our team collaborates to get the job done, whether that involves holding props in place, helping our Stylist with product positioning, directing subjects, or even acting as a stand-in to fulfil the requirements of that ‘perfect shot’ for our client’s upcoming social media feed.

 Liv making friends with the furry talent on location for Parklakes 2 social shoot.

Back to the office for a collaboration session

Often our Photographer will continue their day with another client shoot or return to the office to complete a studio-styled shoot with studio lighting, backgrounds and scenes specifically created by our Stylist.

Meanwhile, our Content Creators continue their collaboration with a planning session to discuss the direction of all clients, new and existing. This is where peak creativity comes into play through brainstorming ideas, sharing thoughts, bouncing suggestions around the room, and booking in future photoshoots and stylist sessions.

 Kieran & Ruby checking out some shots and discussing ideas for future shoots

Then, it’s back to the desks, but the work doesn’t stop there

Our Content Team return to their desks to channel time into researching and getting to know our clients, their products and their audience so they can create content that’s not only tailored specifically for each client’s needs, but also reflects their client’s goal-driven strategy.

And, when Tuesday strikes

The team takes a moment to enjoy a weekly cake creation baked by our very own April Ford Director, Brendan. This is one of our in-house highlights of the week, and we find it gives our team a chance to momentarily relax, similarly to meditation, before heading into a solid afternoon of content creation.

Back to our in-house Photographer

By this stage of the day, they’ve wrapped up their shoots for the day and returned to the office to edit the photos. Every client is different, so whilst some shoots are blessed with natural lighting and require minimal editing, the results of other client shoots are achieved through specific editing techniques that are applied to maintain brand consistency. This is the point where the headphones go in and our Photographer enters serious focus mode as hundreds of photos transition through the editing phase.

Creativity calls

The final hours of a day are spent creating and scheduling content within our agency-designed social media scheduling software. This stage of the process involves working with our in-house Photographer and Graphic Designer to create graphic elements, GIFs and tiles to highlight client promotions, sales and special events that are consistent with our individual client brand guides.

Our team aims to schedule content two weeks ahead of time, which is achievable for most clients however we’re always capable of fulfilling shorter time frames when necessary.

Late evening 

When the Content Team finishes their round of work for the day, our dedicated copywriter logs in to fine-tune all posts, ensuring every detail is perfect before sending to clients for approval.

Over to our clients

Our clients gain their first glance at the content we’ve produced specifically for them and are given the chance to provide feedback prior to setting the content to publish mode within our publishing software. Once approved, it’s only a matter of time before the content goes live, sparking joy for all who view it.

 The finished product 👏🏼

There you have it

A lot of hard work and creative energy from a lot of talented people goes into creating social media content that’s likeable, engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, aligned with a goal-driven strategy, whether that’s brand awareness, increased sales, event attendance, or something completely different.

When our Content Team works for your brand, we plan, strategise and time manage the entire process to create valuable content and achieve maximum results from each photoshoot, so you never have to leave the task to your intern or receptionist.

Want to get your feed looking beautiful and achieving your business goals? Let’s chat – contact our team here.

See you next week 💕 Gemma.

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