April Wrap


April was certainly a month to remember. Not because it’s the best month of the year (for obvious reasons), but because it allowed me to experience the true strength of our team at April Ford. How? Let’s just say, after two years of working non-stop, Brendan and I had a chance to take some time out to get lost in Japan during cherry blossom season. If you haven’t been, you must book a trip, immediately. 

What did I learn from my trip?

  1. How lucky we are to live in a country where workplace accessibility is only a Wi-Fi signal away

  2. Due to technological advances, language is no longer the barrier it once was

  3. Processes, systems and checklists are the only way to set you free from your workplace

Oh, and we can now book connecting overseas Qantas flights from the Sunshine Coast, which is super exciting for those who live in the area.

What happened this month.

This month we welcomed two new team members; Sophie joined our growing team of content producers and Alex joined our design team. We also qualified for the second round of Telstra Business Awards; you can check out our entry video below. Wish us luck!


To say 'thanks' to the April Ford team, we all went out for burgers at our fave burger joint, Hello Harry in Maroochydore and hit the bowling alley for some friendly competition. 

Changes are a-comin' to Facebook and Instagram

Last week we watched Mark Zuckerberg live from our mobile device as he described his vision for a privacy focused social platform. At the beginning of his speech he said ‘the first super power that the internet gave us was the ability to connect with the whole world at once’. The internet has allowed us to create movements, share ideas and expand past geographic restrictions, and something Facebook has realised is that privacy allows you the ability to be yourself. Mark's statement, ‘the future is private’, is very powerful.

So, what does this mean? 

For obvious reasons, Facebook has been upping their game on privacy, including shared and private conversations within their platforms. They are also shifting towards creating more positive social interactions with the growth of micro communities or groups on their platforms. They're encouraging offline events to build better relationships online whilst looking to shift pressures away from public performance of social media content. For example; hiding Instagram post likes to help encourage true engagement and conversation. Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s speech from F8 here.

Who is your community and how are you serving them?

In the busyness of business, it’s easy to forget to serve your clients outside the actual transaction. Most people look at social media as a lead generation tool, but it really is a research tool for potential customers to learn more about your business. It should be seen as a distribution tool that's part of your overall marketing mix. Direct leads, if you receive any, are an added bonus.

A great example of this lies with our clients, Woombye & Districts Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank. Community is everything to them, and with regular offline events, sponsorships and partnerships taking place, we never have a hard time showcasing the amazing work they do in their local community.

Wishlist Spring Carnival

This month saw the beginning of a relationship between April Ford and Wishlist, specifically around the Wishlist Spring Carnival. We're excited to be involved with the amazing people we've met at Wishlist and can’t wait to attend the event on September 13th. If you're looking for a great day out, there are a few tables left. Be quick, it’s a sell out event every year. View more information here.

Chocolate for everybody 

Short public holiday weeks can be tough on business, especially when your workloads don’t change. In saying that, they do bring out the creative side of our content team, with multiple Easter posts going live on behalf of our clients over the break. 

This month we also welcomed Boston Shaker Bar, Prudential Real Estate and Topdog Boutique to the family. Never a dull moment for us, even in the short months.

As our team is forever growing, we have some exciting plans blossoming behind the scenes, so stay tuned and we'll see you all next month. 📍🙈

April Ford.

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