August Wrap


“To run an efficient team, you only need three people: a hipster, a hacker, and a hustler”, said Rei Inamoto, the Chief Creative Officer for AKQA, back in 2012.

Building on this H3 theory, we’ve found this to be fundamentally true. April and Brendan have hired the perfect blend of extraordinary personalities, each bringing a unique skillset and playing a specific role in creating the identity of April Ford.

There's the pop-culture nerds who are obsessed with creating bucket loads of content, the tech maestros who work tirelessly to ensure a project seamlessly functions across all platforms, and the salespeople who flourish in practicing the magic of client schmoozing.


Life in the social media and digital marketing lane moves incredibly quickly.


Life in the social media and digital marketing lane moves incredibly quickly. There's prospecting to charge, meetings to be had, strategies to be deciphered, staff training to be coordinated, Zoom calls to be participated in, campaigns to be built, moments to be captured, content to be curated and deadlines to be defeated. But, with the perfect blend of people, no calendar, Asana inbox, production timeline or social management client list can throw us. We're mutually dedicated to producing the best outcomes for our clients 100-percent of the time. We function like a family and continuously work our butts off to efficiently perform at our highest levels of productivity, all whilst having fun! We wouldn't have it any other way.

So, let’s take a closer look at what the April Ford dream team have been up to during August.





A good customer review is about much more than the warm and fuzzy feeling it gives to the business owner. These testimonials and reviews are social media marketing gold. Entrusted to a savvy marketing expert, a testimonial that's leveraged properly can garner a competitive edge, improve brand recognition, increase growth, engagement sales, and enhance trustworthiness.

With the work of one mastermind (Brendan), the powerful campaign ‘I wouldn’t be without my Wenatex’ was born. Built off a recent testimonial, this campaign crafted a story of social proof that helped to humanise the Wenatex brand whilst spreading feel-good vibes.

Showing a lighthearted side of the Wenatex brand enabled a closer human connection with their audience, leading to conversation and hopefully future sales.



Live streaming hasn’t existed within the social media marketing landscape for too long, but it’s quickly gaining traction and attention of many businesses on the lookout for new and innovative ways of delivering content for their special events, activations, and marketing campaigns.

We've confirmed this extremely powerful channel of delivering content for the audience of our long-term client, Josh Phegan, at his ninth two-day #Blueprint event in Sydney earlier in the month.

With the help of Rikki Lancaster, over 1500 images of the event’s inspiring moments were captured and edited live for April to build over 45 content posts and stories, driving quicker and more effective engagement than ever before. Our reports proved that this type of ‘on-demand’ content received three times the number of likes, reactions, shares, mentions, and comments.

If you have an upcoming special events, activation or marketing campaigns and you’re interested in testing real-time content in your social media marketing strategy, contact us today.



We’re pretty proud of this one.

On Thursday, 22nd August, Beefy’s Australia turned 22! To honour their milestone, Beefy’s thought up a clever marketing campaign to not only drive traffic into their stores, but to also help increase brand loyalty and engagement via their social profiles. And, did we mention the campaign involved giving away 5000 free pies?

This activation leverage by the April Ford social media marketing team gave customers and friends a unique opportunity to celebrate Beefy's 22nd birthday by claiming a free Signature Steak Pie through a secret code-word. This promotion revolutionised the traditional Beefy's offers and created a literal feeding frenzy. Beefy's is bound to see an increase in customer traffic following this activation, as social media users who snatched one of the pies will no doubt be back for more (we sure will be).



You’ve probably seen #flashbackfriday and #throwbackthursday before. Maybe it was an embarrassing photo from your youth, a post from a night out last year, or a nostalgic memory of a milestone moment.

For businesses, this social media trend is a great opportunity to build engagement, increase awareness, tell stories, and have a little fun.

A no-brainer for Pro Computers was the idea to travel back in time with a tech spin. Sophie was riffling through that junk drawer to reminisce on floppy disks, flip phones and VCR players and appreciate how far we've come. This campaign has integrated humour into Pro Computers' social media marketing, helping to better relate to their target demographic, boost engagement, and encourage more shareability which in turn extended their organic reach.




Building on our the amazing people who handle our social and digital advertising management, we recently welcomed Lewis! Lewis brings a wealth of experience in digital advertising for eCommerce sites, and has dived straight into action working across a range of our clients' ad accounts already, monitoring and refining their campaigns whilst maximising ROI for the lowest price possible.

The value of social advertising can be hard to pinpoint depending on which metrics you want to measure (or how hard you squint), but these latest results for our social ads knock it out of the park, regardless. This month we gained a total reach of 1.6 million people with a whopping 4.8 million impressions.

Here are some of our top performing ads for August:

Wenatex Mattress Campaign:

Campaign Goal - Lead Generation


Australia Plants Online Sale:

Campaign Goal - eCommerce Conversion




April Ford Photo Shoot

We're not camera-ready rockstars every day, but we were recently plucked from within the walls of our agency and put in front of the cameras for an exciting project launching very soon! Shoutout to the incredibly beautiful and professional artists who made it all possible.


Stage one of Sunshine Coast Council’s highly anticipated Maroochydore City Centre officially opened to the public earlier in the month.

We were very excited to see the vibrant hub of commerce, technology, innovation, and entertainment come alive.


Anyone with the latest iPhone can take a decent photo of a drink, however it takes the skills of our in-house photographer, Kieran, to truly satisfy the brief 100-percent of the time. Kieran is consistently nailing the composition, lighting, props, environmental conditions (down to the microscopic detail of condensation on the glasses), and editing in order to perfectly convey the mood of Boston Shaker Bar.

Now we're thirsty! Is it Friday yet?




Youthful, lively and peaceful; that's the whole brand defined in three words. The key lies in how Peaches Hair Studio practice this philosophy in everything they do. Their stylists' feminine charm; sustainable products and practices; and, modern California-inspired bohemian studio. April Ford was engaged to capture the identifying elements of the brand to embody into the design of their new website. This one took a lot of creative thinking!

Check them out here:


April Ford also headed up the website design of Elite Asbestos Services, improving and refining their online user experience to give them a clear digital advantage over their competitors.




A tonne of energy, creativity and expertise has gone into creating a large-scale, fully integrated social media marketing strategy for LJ Hooker's residential franchises.

The project saw a custom-built approach to support their social media presence with a number of frameworks, including guidelines, templates and tools detailing how to use social media to maintain brand consistency, supercharge the position of their agents as area specialists, and enhance the profile of their properties socially. We're confident that this strategy will help the social media evolution of LJ Hooker's customer experience in buying, selling, and leasing homes or investments.




Madi is back. After finishing her internship with us earlier this year, and graduating from University, she is now helping the big boss Brendan within the world of sales, automation, and lead generation. We’re so happy to have her back in AFHQ (never leave us again, Madi).

And, it's no secret that we're moving! We visited the new space earlier this month and we can't wait to show you what's behind the new AFHQ doors. Stay tuned - big things are coming very very soon.

See you next month!

April Ford.

April Ford