Does your marketing have holes?


It's a funny question to ask, but oh-so relevant, particularly for anyone who's conscious of spending precious dollars on marketing, both digitally and traditionally. The question refers to whether your marketing systems, plans and activities have holes, leakage or wastage. For example; you’re running a great digital marketing campaign using social media to drive clicks through to your website, however your website isn't optimised to convert leads. We're sorry to break it to you, but that'd suggest a hole in your marketing game.

Every time we meet with a new client, we review their entire position. We holistically offer recommendations regarding all areas of their marketing that require attention before we commence on the jobs they've initially engaged us for. This includes websites, sales collateral, follow up processes, lead capturing, order taking and checkout. We do this because we believe in perfecting the foundations before you start seriously investing your money. After all, there’s no point in pouring money into marketing if there’s no way to capture, nurture or convert leads.

Ask yourself these questions regarding your website;

  • Does my website accurately reflect my business?

  • Does my website include pages for services and products it sells?

  • Does my website provide detailed information about the products and services it sells?

  • Does my website have lead capture forms in easy to find, and more specifically, in-your-face locations?

  • Are the leads/enquiries emailed to someone who will respond, and do they respond within a reasonable time-frame?

  • Does my website have secure hosting?

  • Is my website easy to use?

  • Is my website Search Engine Optimised (SEO)?

  • Is my website up to date?

  • Is my website easy to find on Google? (First page)

  • How easy is the process to buy from my website? (If applicable)

  • Is my website more than five years old?

These are the simple questions we consider before moving into the technical areas (we'll save those questions for another time).

How did you fair? Is your website up to scratch, or is there room for improvement?

Returning to our original question; does your marketing have holes? Following a review of your marketing, would you consider addressing and resolving any holes before engaging in further marketing activities?

Your marketing will only be as effective as the quality of the systems and platforms supporting it. If you're interested in having your marketing systems and activities reviewed, April Ford offers a complimentary service that is the first step in ensuring your marketing works effectively for your business. Reach out today, the results are often eye-opening!

See you next week. Brendan 🤓

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