Engaging with your audience on social media


The Importance of Engaging With Your Audience on Social Media

If you’ve managed to capture someone’s attention on social media; well done, you must be doing something right, however unless you can afford to spend time replying to their comments, answering their questions and acknowledging their online presence, chances are they’ll stop engaging with your brand in lieu of a similar, more responsive brand.


There are no geographical boundaries with social media

So, what is social media engagement and why is it so important for a business?

Engagement is a form of communication with your social media audience that begins the moment you post content that encourages conversation and interaction. Obviously, these actions require a counter on your behalf by means of replying to comments, answering questions, direct messaging, reciprocal liking on follower accounts, acknowledging posts in which your brand has been tagged or mentioned, thanking people for reviews, responsibly addressing negativity, sharing customer generated content and following like-minded brands, businesses, influencers and fans with an intention for further interaction. In short, it’s the simple act of letting your audience know you’re listening.

Engaging and interacting with your social media audience online helps to strengthen and maintain relationships with your following whilst attracting new customers who value an actively engaged brand. There are no geographical boundaries with social media; you can reach and interact with an audience anywhere in the world.  

From a business standpoint, social media is incredibly effective as an open-channel communication source, as opposed to the traditional one-way channels of print, TV and radio. Providing a platform for two-way engagement creates endless opportunities for a brand to further engage with someone who is already interested and truly extend that relationship.




Here are our top tips on engaging with your social media audience brought to you by our Manager of Content, Liv.

Be a good friend
Consumers have turned to social media platforms for product advice, service support and to have a good old’ chat. And so, like any good friend, try to be alert and attentive. Walk the talk and show you care by being responsive in comments and interactive in likes or reactions. Add some personality to the conversation by asking questions, providing feedback, sharing opinions, or using emojis, GIFs and hashtags – the language of social media.
By doing this, you’ll be on your way to becoming more committed, long-term digital besties for years to come! Your digital besties will talk to you and talk about you to others which will help expand your friendship group through organic growth.
Going a single day without responding or interacting can be detrimental to your brand so try not to leave anyone hanging, even if they’re complaining or being negative. There’s always a way to handle it!

Top tip: Go one step further by directly referencing the person’s name and sign off with your name. This will make your business feel like a real human and not just an automated message.

Show interest
Make use of like-minded contributors or your brand enthusiasts by sharing their quality content. This demonstrates to your audience that you value the latest industry trends, issues and social happenings beyond your brand. 


Social Media is so much more than just posting pretty pictures and a high number of followers. It’s one of the best opportunities to interact with your audience daily, create a community, and give your brand a personalised voice. Brands that neglect to leverage this opportunity to better serve their audience will eventually lose their following to competitors. Follow our tips and start engaging with your audience today!

If you need help creating content that your audience can’t resist engaging with, contact our team here to see the role we can play in making this happen for your brand.

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April Ford