How to Craft a Killer Instagram Bio


Who would have thought that an Instagram bio would be so important to get right for your business? These 150 characters play an extremely important role in convincing new visitors to click the “follow” button and to get them to engage with your brand.

What does your Instagram bio need to accomplish?

  • Explain exactly what your business does

  • How can customers get in touch with you

  • What your unique selling proposition (USP) is

  • Lastly, how your is brand valuable to your potential clients?

Include a call to action (CTA)

This is an instruction to the audience used to provoke an immediate response.

You can encourage people to take action straight away from your Instagram bio by including a call to action. Examples include:

  • Click our bio link to shop our latest sale

  • Highlight a competition – Share your favourite flower to win!

Use branded #hashtags

If you have a branded #hashtag you can add this to your bio for users to click on. This also encourages your customers to use this hashtag to share images using or wearing your product which in turn makes it easier for you to view and collect images if you wish to re-share them later.

Here is an example of a great Instagram bio from one of our clients Hello Harry. 👇🏻

Add personality to your Instagram bio by using emojis relative to your brand. 🐯 🌿

You don’t need to rely on text to make your bio stand out. Did you know you can customise your font to something more fancy by using tools like Lingo Jam.

At this stage, Instagram only gives you one clickable link on your profile, which is the link in your bio. Many businesses will frequently update their website link to send followers to their latest products or promotions. Another option is to include a link to your about us or contact page of your website.

Post to Instagram from your computer

You now have the ability to upload images directly from your computer to your profile or Instagram stories. Firstly you will need to download a Browser Extension, click here. Once that is added to your browser, simply click on the camera+ icon and select the file from your computer.

Add to your profile or add to stories

You have the ability to crop your images. (Note: No Filters are found on this desktop version).

Simply type your caption and tag people if you wish, then hit next. It’s that simple!

When was the last time you updated your Instagram bio? If you can’t remember, it might be time to have a look at how you can improve it by using some of our tips.

Happy grammin’.     

Nicole 💞

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