How We Generated 32 Leads for $13.87


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In the past few months, Facebook has added new audience options and to be honest with you; they are a game changer.

As marketers, we are always trying to deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right platform, to the right people, to generate a conversation that matches our objective.

Sounds simple right? We wish. But, this is the game we play in digital marketing, and we love it.

In the past few months, Facebook has added new audience options. You can now create audiences that have engaged with your Business Facebook Page or Instagram Page; giving you the opportunity to market to an already engaged audience.

To the marketers in direct marketing land, this is crazy good.

It means that Facebook is rewarding you (even more) if you are posting engaging digital content and advertising. And the reward is the option to remarket to those people.

Last week we posted a Facebook & Instagram advertisement, with a simple opt-in message. We created an audience that had previously engaged with our clients Facebook Page over the last seven days. Using a Lead Ad, which is a great native tool that mimics a web form; we generated 32 opt-ins over two days and spent $13.87.

These type or results are exciting but sadly rare. Why were these results achieved? Lucky for us, our client believes in continuously creating engaging and unique digital content and because of this their audience was ready for the next step in how to do business with them. Because the audience had been nurtured through content and had engaged in the business; when we asked if they wanted to find out more, they said yes.

Finding the right message, delivering it at the right time, on the right platform is what we strive to do. As a team of ex Marketing Managers, we are obsessed with driving click-through rates, opt-in rates and generating leads. Digital marketing is transparent, and engagement audiences are to us, the best thing since sliced bread (for now).

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