9 Instagram Worthy Walls on the Sunshine Coast


Nothing beats the role a charismatic wall can play in making an image stand out within the flow of a crowded Instagram feed. Whether it’s a wall plastered with street art, locally commissioned murals, or a simple brick façade, the background of an image has potential to send your followers’ actions soaring, or less preferably into a state of snoring.

To send you in the right direction, we’ve searched high and low for the most Instagram worthy walls on the Sunshine Coast. All these walls are accessible to the public and offer a unique spin to refresh your feed and get your followers double-tapping.

1. Lil Canteen

Take a tropical leaf from Lil Canteen’s book and liven your Instagram feed with a hand-painted feature wall of lush green palms surrounded by soothing pastel pink. Brought to you by the Sunshine Coast’s cutest all-day food cube, your Instagram collab with Lil Canteen may leave your followers with a case of tropical fever, and word of warning – you may self-induce yourself, too!

📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall:138 – 140 Point Cartwright Drive, Buddina

2. Black Beauty

As far as we’re concerned, this striking black wall in Buderim is where it’s at today, tomorrow and every other day, because when does black ever go out of style? Hot tip; when shooting photos in front of a dark wall, wear opposing colours for dramatic effect.

📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall: Behind the Shak Organic Café, 11/43 Burnett St, Buderim

3. Graffiti Mural

When you spend time in Nambour, you’re sure to find several Instagram worthy walls. We spotted this hidden gem in an alley-way near Small Change Espresso. What were we doing there? Drinking amazing coffee, of course.

📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall:Bury Street, Nambour

4. Coastal Vibes

This fun and vibrant addition to the Cotton Tree neighbourhood wall was created by artist, Cass Deller. Check out her amazing Instagram here. If your camera permits, capture a shot of the entire wall, otherwise you’ll find plenty of Instagram opportunities by focussing on separate details of the mural. If you opt for the latter, you’ll have several different images to spread throughout your account, rather than one.

📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall:King Street, Cotton Tree

5. Keep it Simple

Shooting photos from a straight-on position may seem like a logical choice, yet sometimes it’s fun to play with angles to create a more interesting shot. Be creative with the walls you choose to shoot in front of and remember that sometimes the simplicity of a rich red brick wall is equally effective in bringing the subject (you) to life!

📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall:Queen Street, Nambour

6. Cactus Concept

They’re two of Australia’s best large-scale mural artists so there should be no surprise that Frank and Mimi have landed on our list of the Sunshine Coast’s most Instagram worthy walls with their hand-painted masterpiece at The Concept. The wall is covered with different elements, from natural landscapes to cool typography, so you can truly get experimental with your creativity! Make sure you check out Frank and Mimi on the ‘gram here.

 📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall: 1/14 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore

7. Brick is Best

When in doubt, seek your nearest brick wall out. Keep in mind how the light changes over the course of the day at the location you plan to shoot at. When the lighting is at it’s best, you know you’ll score your perfect Instagram pic. Avoid harsh midday sun if possible – it doesn’t do anyone any favours.

 📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall: Across the road from Nambour Social - Lowe Street, Nambour

8. Have Some Fun

To add extra personality to your posts and stand out from the other one-billion global Instagram users, try looking sideways, upwards, or interacting with the art. The funnier, the better! We think you’ll agree; humour is both, engaging and contagious, so share some LOLs and watch your like rates grow. 

📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall:Bury Street, Nambour


It’s that crazy little thing that the world just can’t get enough of, so give your followers what they want by visiting this love mural in a local Noosa Heads laneway for a shoot guaranteed to receive the most heart-eyed comments you’ve ever witnessed.

📍Where you’ll find this Instagram worthy wall: The laneway near Clo Studios, Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads

Happy snapping, see you next week.

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