Is Lead Generation More Important Than Nurture?


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Have you ever called and enquired with a business, and never received a return phone call? Or maybe you enquired online, but never received a phone call or reply email?

As a marketer, I am often called into a business to help generate more leads. My usual response is sure, I can help you do that, but what are you doing with your existing enquiries? Business owners often overlook their lead nurture process; but when you want to implement a lead generation strategy, it is the most important part of the puzzle.

Before I start discussing lead generation strategies with clients, I first ask a few simple questions to gauge how they are nurturing a new or existing lead. Some of the simple questions we ask our clients are:

  • What happens when someone calls your business to inquire about your product or service?

  • What follow-up emails automatically sent when someone requests for more information on your website?

  • What are you regularly communicating to people who have already enquired or purchased from your business?

I ask these questions because most people undervalue the importance of nurturing their existing relationships. Here are a few simple tips to help you improve your lead nurture.

  • Build a simple lead capture form for phone and or walk-in enquiries. Include a few simple questions, so the person answering the phone or on reception knows what to ask.

  • Implement an automated website enquiry email service. Start simple, tools like MailChimp, Convertkit, or if you want to overhaul your automation, Infusionsoft is a great option.

  • Every week, review your list of new leads and investigate what happened to them. Call them directly to see how your business handled their enquiry and if there are any improvements you can make. This simple process can mend any relationships that have broken down, give you the opportunity to upsell to another or superior service or product, or just give you valuable insights on how to improve your internal processes.

When you generate a new lead, you get one chance to convert them to a customer. Once you have implemented a lead nurture system that converts, only then should you expand your lead generation system.

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