January 2019 Wrap


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2018 feels like a distant memory now and we’re only a month into the new year. 2018 escalated quickly here at April Ford. We doubled the size of our team. Twice. We expanded our service packages in social media content and advertising management, website development for Squarespace & Shopify, Google Ads, digital reputation management, virtual marketing management services and more. We are proud to say that none of our services are outsourced overseas; everything is made fresh daily in house. Something I have been hugely passionate about. The bi-product of this growth has been our proudest achievement yet. Providing an additional 10 people with stable employment and on-going professional development.

This month, we are really excited to welcome Kieran Tunbridge as our photographer in residence. Brendan and I have known Kieran for years, and he was actually one of the first freelance photographers I worked with as April Ford started, what feels like a lifetime ago. We have worked with Kieran on and off since then and are excited to welcome him permanently to our family. If you want to see some of his personal work, follow @ktunbridge on Instagram. We will also continue to work with our much loved, photographer team; Amy Higg, Rikki Lancaster, Cade Mooney and Claudine Thornton.

In addition to Kieran joining the team, we are also working with the University of the Sunshine Coast and offering our first Internship to a student who applied for a job with us last year. We believe it’s part of our responsibility as business owners to mentor and train the next generation of talent.

In February, we are teaming up with Woombye & Districts Community Bank Branch for a social media workshop.

Oh and it is our birthday month. So keep your eyes peeled for what we have planned. 

Social Media Content 

This month we launched work with Luther Heights Youth Camp in Coolum and Toowoomba. The best part of our job is the people you meet, and the places you get to visit, and this camp in Coolum was one of those moments where you truly appreciate everything the Sunshine Coast has to offer. A truly collaborative project, Liv, the Account Manager for Luther Heights, did such an amazing job with this successful launch, coordinating multiple photo shoots with Kieran and video content with our videographer, Sarah from Grace House Creative.

Check out below some of the posts. The photos & comments speak for themselves.

Social Media Advertising

To me, social media advertising is a marketers dream; especially when you can use data like demographics and behaviours to target potential audiences. This month, we welcomed France at Leisure to the AF Family, launching their Noosa Cruise Expo.

The Noosa Cruise Expo is an event with first class cruise operators, and will be held at the Noosa Golf Club; and we are super excited as he has confirmed that Catriona Rowntree will be there to launch her new book and open the event.

Christian, the owner of France At Leisure which is based in Brisbane, needed to reach and audience he had never reached before. Using Facebook, we were able to target Frequent International Travellers; that lived within a radius of Noosa, in a certain age bracket that reflected the brands presenting at the event. In two weeks of advertising, we have hit 50% of our target ticket registration and with another 4 weeks to go; believe we can hit our stretch target of registrations.

Register to attend this event here.

Website Design & Development

Adam Gregor from Natroshield approached us late last year, needing help with building out a website, product packaging, and print advertisements for an upcoming feature in Organic Gardener magazine. Natroshield offers 100% organic products made here in Australia, that can be used in agriculture, gardening and in your home. He believes that if you work with nature, nature will work with you.

Check out his Shopify website and awesome product packaging here.

Digital Reputation Management

We are really excited to be trialling a new service here at April Ford; digital reputation management. With online reviews a huge part of the decision making process, and with negative reviews potentially being catastrophic to a business, we are excited to offer a new service that speaks directly to your customers. Asking for feedback about their experience with your business and giving the business owner an opportunity to address any negative feedback before it’s potentially posted online or spoken about at dinner parties.

The additional upside of this services, is that it is also great for your SEO, as we also provide you with a widget to install on your website that can aid with your organic search results.

This service will be affordable, with full reporting available. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

Design Services

In September last year, we welcomed Sharna to our team as our Digital & Graphic Designer. With Sharna joining our team, we have been able to expand our services to include branding and print design for our existing clients who need help in this area. Recently, Sharna worked with Jon from Costa Noosa, in Sunshine Beach, best described as a coffee institution. Not wanting to change the already well established, and loved brand, Sharna created a fresher more modern take on their existing brand, along with a new Shopify website where you can buy their freshly roasted beans online. We’ve heard the locals love their new look, check out their new branding and website here.

Social Media Competitions

Every month our content producers work with our clients to promote special days throughout the year. Each content client we work with puts their own special twist on these days; celebrating with competitions or events. We encourage our clients to utilise these specials days in their marketing calendar. This past Australia Day, our clients Amazing Oils decided to run a small giveaway competition; designed to increase engagement on their Facebook page and page likes. These types of competition are great to find new audiences we can market direct sales messages to, plus you can use it as market research by asking them to answer a question or use it to generate feedback and testimonials you can use in your marketing.

Whilst the above post looks simple, the success of this campaign comes down to the full integration of our marketing team. The photo brief was built by Ruby, the Account Manager for this client. She then worked with the photographer to provide high quality, unique images that reflect the brand. These photos and a brief was then passed onto Sharna, our graphic designer who produced the finished artwork, that reflected the competition, was on-brand with the client and adhered to the advertising specifications of Facebook. Did you know that when you place an advertisement, if your artwork includes more than 20% text, the cost of the advertisement can increase or it can be declined? From here, Ruby placed the artwork into a scheduling calendar; post copy and the terms & conditions were written ensuring that they comply with Facebook (yes, they have terms and conditions that state you can NOT ask someone to share or tag in a post) PLUS we had to apply for a license permit to advertise this competition in NSW due to their new competition laws. From here, our copy editor Mel reviewed; to check for any minor errors and it was sent over to the client for final approval. Once this was done, and the post went live, an advertising campaign was completed by me, designed to target.

To most, this just looks like a post on social media. By to me, it represents teamwork. The best part is, the client had minimal involvement and get’s to reap the rewards of what they engaged us to do.  

See you next month for our February Wrap. April Ford.

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