July Wrap


Love it or loathe it, winter is certainty within our lives.

And, for one reason or another, along with its delivery of (what feels like) sub-zero early morning temperatures, (what looks like) three hours of daylight, and (what seems like) an apocalyptic flu, arrives winter's notorious reputation to trigger a slow period for business owners. 🥶

Call it hibernation. Call it a national flee of the country's people to warmer destinations, most likely sponsored by Aperol Spritzers. Call it EOFY decision-making stalling. Or, call it a figment of our collective imaginations.

We're calling it an opportunity! ✨✨✨


Whilst you may be lacking momentum or feeling the pressures of the short-term slow period, don't let this get you down. Instead of watching time fly by in the comfort of your UGG-boots, use the time to offload a tonne of energy into your digital marketing and watch your results snowball (sorry - pun intended). ️

With a little insight, creativity, and strategic planning, you can maintain the interest of your current customers whilst potentially igniting new business connections and setting yourself up for greater success once normality sets back in.

This month, we encourage our clients to change their mindset from scarcity to abundance. By that we mean; removing the stigma of winter always being a slow period and replacing it with the possibility of lead generation through various digital marketing tactics that'll keep them at the forefront of consumers' minds during the off-season.

Look at exactly what we've been up to this month:


We ignited the digital marketing activities of many of our social media clients to include seasonal promotions and engagement-driven campaigns to excite and stay fresh in the minds of their social audiences.

This approach also gave us the opportunity to grow their databases, essentially generating new leads to convert into sales once normality sets back in.


These campaigns were super successful in increasing brand awareness, building a stronger following and adding fresh contacts to their email lists. Some also established deeper connections with their audience, skyrocketing their engagement to the point of many positive customer reviews - more content for later. 👏🏻




With the plethora of digital advertising channels used to drive new customers to your business regardless of the season, we spent the month continually optimising and tweaking our digital advertising clients ads by creating over 200 ad variations differentiated by headlines, copy, creative, call-to-actions, and landing page URLs.


We also encouraged our e-commerce clients to push the envelope in retargeting past customers, people who engaged with their social media platforms. and for that matter, anyone who expressed an interest in their brand elsewhere on the Internet by leveraging Facebook dynamic ads. These ad types automatically display products to people based on their interests, whether or not they've visited your site, and they also retarget your online shoppers to remind them of items they've viewed without purchasing. As a result, we've loved watching the increase in sales roll in for our clients.




They say a hot summer body is built in winter 👙, so we used the chilly month of July to refresh client branding for Longlife Trailers, design new t-shirts and marketing collateral for Forbes Care, create brochures for Amazing Oils, implement an EDM campaign for Boston Shaker Bar in celebration of their first birthday, and commence work on several new websites in the pipeline – stay tuned for their upcoming launch dates!




Our in-house photographer, Kieran, maintained his full schedule of photoshoots, totalling 22 for the month of July. That's almost one shoot per day, which completely warranted the welcome of Macy the DJI Mavic Drone to our photography team. Macy's been in full swing, practicing for upcoming shoots and leveraging our creative expertise to new heights.


Also, we couldn't wait to show you these photographs for Australia Plants Online; they're nothing short of breathtaking.


Another stand-out photo shoot for July was Parklakes 2, with the help of Cade from Cade the Content Creators, for their new land release, coming soon.


Last but not least. The flat lay has reached the apex of trendiness with help from social media, in particular, Instagram. We've really lifted our flat lay game with this massive project we've been planning with Searles Gardening Projects for quite sometime. Seeing it come to fruition is something pretty special. Want to see it, check out the video below. 👇🏻


See you next month!

April Ford.

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