The Power of Referral Marketing


The power of referrals

Referrals, also known as word-of-mouth recommendations, are one of the best forms of marketing. You know; when someone buys your product or enlists your service backed purely by another person’s opinion; either a friend, family member, social influencer, customer review, testimonial or another form of online review.

Why do referrals work so well?

It all boils down to perspective. When brands talk about their own products or services from a personal perspective, their opinion is received as biased and often warrants a lack of consumer trust. But, when the sales pitch is received from a trusted third-party influence through a shared experience, personal recommendation or online review, the independent viewpoint leads to higher consumer engagement with your brand.

5 Quick tips on Referral Marketing

1. Testimonials

Share customer testimonials on your website, social platforms and throughout your marketing collateral. Real life experiences promote consumer confidence in your brand.

2. Referral Rewards

Encourage customers to share your brand by offering a form of referral reward. For example; Uber Eats rewards users who share the app with their friends by gifting each user with $20 credit towards their first order. It’s clear, rewards of value entice consumers to use your product or services.

3. Ask and you shall receive

Prompt your customers to leave a review or request a testimonial. People are happy to spend two-minutes of their 24-hour day providing you with this info, especially if you offer an incentive to push them across the line. A discount off their next purchase is always effective.

4. Provide a superior service

It’s simple; if you want people to say great things about your brand, make sure you’re delivering unparalleled service. By providing an exceptional customer service experience, you’ll give people the ammo they need to rave about it. 

5. Reputation Management

With the rise of online reviews and their impact on the decision-making process, it’s vital you manage the reputation of your business properly. With April Ford’s Digital Reputation Management service, we request your customers and client feedback to address criticism before it hits social media, or a dinner party conversation. That’s one less thing for you to worry about! 

Referral marketing is a powerful component for every business. Implement these tips for your business to encourage customer referrals of your brand.

If you need help with your business referral marketing or would like more information about the April Ford Digital Reputation Management service, contact us here.

See you next week. Gemma 💕

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