Three Inspirational Resources You Need to Check Out Today

I've tried numerous times to get into theory-based books however I often struggle in surpassing the first chapter. Instead, when looking for inspiration, I've become a huge fan of tapping into people's stories, rather than delving into theory. If your inspirational resource list needs a top up, check out some of my favourites below.

1. The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly

I don't read a lot of books; I seem to bore easily and consequently end up with more half-read than finished novels on my kindle (who can relate?). I chose The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly purely because it had 'dream' in the title, which resonated closely with my relationship with my dad, who is best described as a dreamer. The book was a stand-out for me because it literally changed my views on how I work with people.

In a nutshell, the book entails the story of a company implementing a new role of 'The Dream Manager'; someone employed by a company to fulfil the task of helping employees achieve their dreams. Whilst not everyone shares the same dreams, the book brings to light that if you do your part in helping others achieve their dreams, they'll help you achieve yours.

2. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Everyone knows Nike, however not everyone knows the story behind the brand. In a fast-paced world where everything feels like it can be created in an instant, this book serves as a reminder that great brands are built over time. They change, evolve, experience highs, and endure many lows. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight confirms that sometimes in business you need to pivot, take risks and make mistakes to learn important lessons and propel your brand forward.

3. Leading with Compassion Video with Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

The title of this video is what initially piqued my attention. It was only when I first entered the world of marketing consulting that I truly began to appreciate the link between team culture and the success of a business. Following this video feature with Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Weiner, leading with compassion has become a habit that I try to practice daily. Managing a business isn't always easy however in recognising that company culture stems from the top, I make a conscious decision to share the priority of my personal work tasks with those of the teams, with the intention of achieving our collective business goals.

Watch the full video here.

I'm always on the hunt for new resources to consume, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way.

April Ford.

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