Wondering If You Should Run A Social Media Competition? Read Our Tips On Why and How


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Everyone else is running social media competitions so you should be to right? Well, let’s look at why and how to run social media competitions and promotions effectively, and within the rules of Facebook and Instagram.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, what do you want to achieve out of running a social media competition or promotion? This will likely determine which style below you should choose, as there’s no point in giving something away if your business is not going to benefit from it.

Generate sales

If you can come up with a competition that will drive people to your website or generate sales, why not!


  • Make a purchase this month to go in the draw to win

  • Spend over $100 for your chance to win

  • Provide an email address to get a discount code or free product with your next purchase

  • Discount code revealed to social followers

Reward customers and loyal followers

 Random acts of kindness can be a nice way to engage with your followers

Like it sounds, this is a simple promotion with no real purpose, or requirement from your followers. Sometimes it’s nice as a business to give something away randomly to your followers as a simple reward for just being there.


  • Prize Giveaway

  • Discount Code Giveaway

  • Facebook ‘Check-in’ location to enter competition

Gain more followers

Are you lacking in social followers? The right promotion can help you gain some traction with more views to your profile and more followers. Which means more people you can market to.


  • Nominate a friend / Who would you take (prompts followers to tag someone else)

  • Co-promotions with other companies that have a similar customer or following. Allowing you to lead your customers to each other’s pages / accounts to enter

  • Cross platform competitions. Head over to our LinkedIn / Facebook / for a second chance to enter

  • Share our post, share our page, or repost to win

  • Like and comment to win

  • Engage with post to win

Grow your database

A growing database is a great tool to have, but it’s not always easy to get people to sign up to newsletters or hand over their email address. A social media competition could be a great way to get new subscriptions.


  • Sign up to our newsletter to go in the draw to win

  • Provide email address to receive a discount code or voucher

  • Sign up now to get 24 hours free shipping

  • Sign up now to get access to our 24 hour sale

Generate customer feedback 

Customer feedback is always valuable for a business. It lets you know where you stand, and highlights areas you may need to improve.


  • Ask people to vote on new product ideas, favourite products, new menu items etc

  • Complete a survey, questionnaire, or simply answer a single question for a chance to win

  • Offer a limited number of fans the chance to test out your new product or service for free

  • Suggest a new product / vote on a new flavour to win etc

Generate content

 Leverage your followers for content creation

We all know a lot of hard work goes into continually creating appealing content for our social followers. But did you know you can get your followers to help create this for you?


  • Take a photo at our event or store and tag us to win

  • Take a photo with our product / your purchase and tag us to win

  • Ask Facebook followers to show a photo in comments below to win

  • Post your favourite tip or recipe or way to use a product to win

  • Customer voting comp where they upload photos and then others have to vote on them for a winner

Generate an action

Sometimes we need to entice our customers and our followers with something they want or need in order to get them to do what we want. A competition or social promotion can be a great way to generate a particular action.


  • Download our new app for a chance to win

  • Download our new app for $10 off

  • Visit us in-store for your chance to win

  • Visit our new website and enter your details to win

  • Inspect one of our display homes to enter

Rules and Regulations

Now that you’ve decided what competition or promotion style you’re going to run and you’re clear on your intentions, it’s time to make sure you adhere to the rules and regulations held in place by Facebook, Instagram and our Australian Competition Laws.

Did you know that asking someone to ‘tag’ their friend in a post is against Facebook rules. But it’s easy to get around this, just change your wording to ‘who would you take?’ or ‘which friend would love this?’ while a follower is allowed to just mention a person it’s more than likely they will tag them which is what you want!

It’s also very important that you detail all of the terms and conditions of your competition either by including them in your post, uploading them as a separate post, or linking to a page on your website.

It’s a great idea to regularly check the laws within your state to find out if you need to purchase a gaming license for your competition. At current, you need to obtain a license for all competitions that are held in or offered to residents of NSW. You can do this here.

And finally, for a Facebook competition, don’t forget to acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Team April Ford.

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