What I learnt from attending Josh Phegan's BluePrint Event


Have you ever experienced one of those sublime, mystical moments in life when something just clicks? When something suddenly makes complete sense and triggers an emotional response too deep and powerful for words. That divine awareness you couldn't quite explain?

It has happened a lot for me lately.

For instance; a few weeks ago whilst I was learning the art of pottery, I recognised how alternating forces magically work together to open, centre, pull and shape my creation. Again, the other day when testing content and ad variations for a client's campaign, and I arrived at that 'thank God' moment of relief where we finally nailed the perfect audience and gleaned the desired results.

And, most recently, after attending our long-term client, Josh Phegan's annual two-day BluePrint event in Sydney.


Decide your vision based on your purpose, mission and values.

For those of you that don't know Josh, Josh Phegan is an internationally renowned speaker, trainer, and coach for high-performing real estate agents around the world. He is the number one preferred trainer for Australia’s top 100 agents and top 50 women in real estate. Whether you’re amidst a career in real estate, or any industry for that matter, Josh's delivery of invaluable advice and tough love provides unlimited potential to unlock and amplify the clarity required to envision a version of yourself beyond your imagination.


Covering developmental topics of goal setting, energy, self-management, systems and processes, Josh sends you soaring into a heightened state of living where your vision, values and goals align to form a professional and personal workflow on par with a Marie Kondo'd wardrobe.

As a high-performing worry wart and self recognised stress-head, I found myself wanting to return to April Ford HQ within the first 30-minutes of Blueprint to make a million and one changes, smash out brand new strategies for every client and implement five new systems and processes to improve productivity. To keep you in the loop - April already has more than 50 systems, processes and softwares in place following her time working with Josh Phegan years ago... What's five more.

There were so many a-ha moments that I could barely keep up as I penned pages and pages of tips and advice in my notebook. Here's a snippet of what I learned from the first day at Josh Phegan's annual Blueprint event, including my favourite quotes from the man himself.

1. Your mindset and outlook on life creates your reality and determines your future.

QUOTE 1: "Curiosity for better, means being open to change."

QUOTE 2: "Are you scared? Worried you won’t succeed? Or, have an 'I already know this' attitude?"

QUOTE 3: "Change your mindset and realise that failure is not something to be feared."

QUOTE 4: "To know is not to know. To know is to do, and master."

QUOTE 5: "The more you fail, the quicker you learn, and the quicker you learn, the more you earn."

2. Having dreams and always setting goals is essential.

QUOTE 1: "You have to dream very big, because big dreams and mediocre dreams take the same amount of effort."

QUOTE 2: "The key is getting clear about your goals, ambition and being in a position to define what is important to you now and having a plan for the future. Not just 12 months down the track, but a long-term view and the steps required to get there. You should look 25 years ahead. When you are that age, 25 years on, where do you want to be in your life?"

QUOTE 3: "There are four freedoms we are all chasing; time, money, relationships, and purpose."

QUOTE 4: "If you have no idea where you want to go, how are you going to get there?"



3. Your personal and professional values and vision are the foundation of who you are and who you are going to be.

QUOTE 1: "You must have clarity in your vision and expectations. This sets direction."

QUOTE 2: "Decide your vision based on your purpose, mission and values. It’s only once you've envisioned this that you can start to build a framework that'll take you there."

4. Develop a formula to unlock your capacity and achieve your full potential.

QUOTE 1: “What has got you where you are, won’t necessarily get you to where you want to go.”

QUOTE 2: "You've got to be prepared."

QUOTE 2: "Let go to grow."

5. Implement systems, processes, and routine.

QUOTE 1: "Grind away at your ambitions."

QUOTE 2: "Diet, sleep, exercise, people, environment, work, and routines matter. They all play an important part in keeping you at the top of your game, physically and mentally."

QUOTE 3: "It just takes a few simple systems and checklists, so don’t miss a beat. Live your life on a standardised map that flows smoothly."

QUOTE 4: "The only reason a goal isn't achieved is because you don't have a system for it. Intent matters; what do you intend to do? How do you want to grow?"

QUOTE 5: "Working at your best, physically and mentally, will enable you to grasp the opportunities that come your way."

We all have a vision and a choice to create an incredible life with a huge future, both personally and professionally, regardless of our age, life circumstances, financial situation, and professional industry or career progression. Are you working towards the person who you want to become? Are you playing the game that we call life in the best way that you can? If this was your last day on earth, would you really be happy? Can you do better?

"Never stop listening, chasing, earning, and improving." And, remember; it’s all up to you. Do you seriously want to succeed?

There you have it - a run-down of what day one of Josh Phegan's BluePrint covers. A lot of wisdom, insight, and circuitry inside my head clicking together. I can't wait to share my new-found knowledge and begin implementing the information I've received in every aspect of my life, particularly within my career at April Ford.

To find out more about the powerhouse who is Josh Phegan,

find him here: https://joshphegan.com.au/

follow him here: https://www.facebook.com/joshphegancoach/

and here: https://www.instagram.com/joshphegan/


See you next week 💕 Liv.

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