What Is a Search Term and Why Is It Important for your Marketing Strategy?


Congratulations! You’ve become a search term.

You know you’ve made it when you become a search term. Ironically, Google was one of the first. We can all admit to responding to someone's random question with 'just Google it' at some point during our lives. Very few brands achieve such marketing greatness in transitioning from the point of who they are to a reference word for what they do.

For those a little lost at this stage, let me throw you a few well-known examples often referenced in pop culture:

  • 'Google it' translates to 'search on Google'.

  • 'Let’s get a Starbucks' translates to 'let's get a coffee'.

  • 'I need to Xerox something' translates to 'I need to photocopy something'.

See where we’re headed?

The good news; it's not just billion-dollar companies that can achieve search term status. Small businesses can too.

The question is; how do you make this happen and what benefit does it have for your marketing strategy?

Let's start with how it happens. When you run enough effective marketing for your brand, who you are (your brand) transitions synonymously into what you do (your business product or service), and voila, you become a search term. This means people have been typing your brand into Google as a result of your digital or offline marketing. Ultimately, when people are searching for your brand more than the service you provide, this is the point when you become a search term.

If you're interested in finding out the number of times your brand is searched, you can check through the back-end of Google. It's easy to check how your brand or your competitors are performing and trending over time. Additionally, searching the number of times a competitor is Googled helps you to understand the competitive landscape in which you're operating. Small insights like this can often shift and impact your marketing strategy.

Now, to the benefits of becoming a search term. It'll be most evidently visible within your Google Ads where your brand will often be the cheapest search term you can buy and usually the highest converting due to people deliberately searching your brand.

If you aren’t a search term yet, there are still benefits in the exercise of reviewing search volumes, particularly your competitors. For example, if a competitor has significantly more volume than you, then it could be an idea to run Competitor Campaigns on their brand. It will be more expensive than running Google Ads on your own however if they're the industry benchmark it's not a bad idea to run off their coattails.

Becoming a search term won’t happen overnight, but it is achievable. If your brand is hitting over 2,000 searches a month, then congratulations, you’re well on your way. Hit 10,000 searches a month and it’s a fair call that you’ve made it. Either way, set the goal as we believe every business should be striving to become their own search term.

 Anyone can have an Google Ads account, where you can search keywords via the keyword planner.

If you need a push in the right direction, we're always here to assist at April Ford - contact us today!

See you next week 🤓 Brendan.

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