Why Your Workplace Needs Office Plants

the benefits of plants in your office are endless

Studies have long proven that the introduction of indoor plants into the workplace provides so many benefits. Plants not only add visual charm, they’re also known to: heightened productivity, reduce stress, purify the air around you, improve health and well-being, and induce creativity!

Research from the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia strongly supports the benefits of office plants in reducing stress and negative moods by up to 60%, and that was too high a statistic for us to ignore at April Ford. We have established our very own collection of lush plants, including ferns, fiddle leaf figs and devils ivy which provide a welcoming aesthetic adding a little character to our humble work abode.

caring for your plant friends is important!

Every Friday is plant care day at April Ford HQ and I’m so lucky to have another plant queen, Madi Brown to help give our plants the TLC they deserve. We water, feed and rotate our leafy bundles of joy to ensure their long survival indoors. One great tip is to pop indoor plants outside when it rains (which is often lately) so they can soak up all the natural nutrients and gain an extra boost from the rain.

We work with a brilliant locally-based Sunshine Coast plants company, @BeSpokePlants. Their team provides all our green goods and the right tools to love and care for our plants as they mimic our growth at April Ford.

MAKE your office green today!

If you're looking for a bright and easy way to bring your office to life, I highly recommend investing in a plant, or four, because once you start with one you'll begin to notice the smiles, conversations and positive reactions that evolve, and you'll want more.

Happy Planting 🌿 Amelia.

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