We do Marketing Management.

Sometimes you either don’t need or don’t want someone in house and instead want to leverage the skills, experience and flexibility of an agency. We act like a marketing manager except we don’t take annual leave, sickies or require a desk.


We create marketing plans, manage budgets, provide reporting, meet monthly to review performance and more, all for a fixed monthly fee. We’re only ever a phone call or email away if you have questions, need additional services like graphic design, or simply need advice.

Our team is your team

Why rely on one Marketing Manager with one set of skills. When you can utilise April Ford as your Marketing Management team, with a whole range of skills available for you. When you engage our team you get the benefit of an experienced Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Analytics Specialists, Stylists, Photographers, Content Creators and Strategy Specialists.


Why rely on one Marketing Manager with one set of skills?


Our work.



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