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About us

April Ford is a social and digital marketing agency built by business owners, for business owners. We’re a full-service digital agency, providing businesses, individuals and organisations with a one-stop shop for all their digital marketing needs. We make the difficult, easy; the expensive, affordable; and the impossible, possible.

Having been in your shoes, tearing your hair out over trying to find affordable, trust-worthy, reliable suppliers in web development, digital advertising, graphic design and social media, April Ford was the glaringly obvious solution.

Started a few years ago by a couple of young people who were simply armed with common sense and commitment to work harder than anyone else, April Ford is not some over the top creative agency. Instead we like to think of ourselves as a bunch of normal people with some pretty unique skill sets. Like April for example. You’ll never meet someone who thinks the way she thinks. Brendan (the Ford part of it) has analysed more businesses and deployed more sales strategies than most have eaten hot dinners. Throw in some of the brightest minds in marketing and we are April Ford.

We’re big enough to handle your national campaign or international expansion but small enough to have to still be the ones fixing the printer when it breaks down. And it always does. We’re not precious. We’re not important. We just like to execute your ideas. 


Don’t know where to start?

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Business Management & Sales

Outside of fixing the printer and being Managing Director, Brendan is in charge of Commercial Direction. In other words, he’ll be the one selling you into our services. Brendan is a resource. Very few can rival his knowledge of business, sales, finance, law and accounting. He’s spent the last 15 years analysing businesses and everything about them in his previous company. Brendan’s ability to articulate what digital marketing is and how it can work for you is an educational experience in itself.




April has spent her entire life in marketing and sales. From putting out Open for Inspection signs as a kid at her parents’ real estate office to rolling out a CRM system for APN News Media. April thinks on a whole other level. Her appetite for innovation is insatiable. Her mind simply analyses problems in a different way and processes solutions in ways never thought possible. April's role in the business is to constantly be innovating. To ensure that we are providing our clients the best possible solutions and strategies in the market.



Office & Content

When we needed someone to manage the office we figured anyone who can work with animals can work with us so we employed an Ecologist. Amelia, a former Zoo Keeper, was our first pick. Enthusiastic as hell, process driven and always smiling, our workplace wouldn’t be the same without her.




This is what happens when you combine a Bachelor in Creative Industries with a highly focussed and talented millennial. You get Ruby. With the highest attention to detail outside of NASA, Ruby takes social media content to new levels. It’s Ruby’s job to make sure what we produce for our clients is pretty and powerful.




The eternal optimistic. Everyone should live a little more like Liv. This developing story of human talent has already had Internal Director of Sales and Marketing after her name. April Ford is lucky to have Liv. Our clients are luckier yet. A content creating machine, Liv gives brands a voice they never thought they had.



Ads & Analytics

You’d basically need an engineering degree to work out what Shaun does. Funnily enough he has one. It’s Shaun’s incredibly analytic mindset that makes him exactly the right person to be reviewing the performance of your marketing. From Google Adwords campaigns to full online audits. Shaun analyses it all so that we know where there’s potential for improvement. After all, every cent and lead counts.




You only have to speak to Nicole for a millisecond before you become immediately filled with calm confidence in her ability to deliver. Nicole combines all the skills and knowledge she’s developed over more than a decade of marketing experience to manage even the most difficult projects and content easily. Nicole’s subtlety and eloquence is her most underrated attribute.




Ever wondered who was behind some of the amazing marketing IKEA puts out. Well that would be Sharna. She’ll never claim it, but our Sharna is amazing. Don’t let her quiet persona fool you, Sharna’s design ability speaks volumes. A rare balance of creative license and commercial reality with the end product always blowing minds. Life’s too short for bad branding. Be brilliant now.




Some people learn skills, others are born with natural talent. Kieran is the latter. He lives his life through the lens of a camera and the results are incredible. From mind boggling action photography to capturing the most minute of moments and expressions on people’s faces. We’re lucky to call Kieran our Photographer in residence.



Advertising & Content

Gemma is that person you can trust to just get things done. Everyone wishes they had one on their team and we have Gem. It’s like she’ll be simultaneously integrating a Learning Management System with a CRM into a website whilst on the phone to a supplier giving a brief and eating lunch at the same time. Coming up to 15 years in the marketing and advertising industry, Gemma ensures our Project Management department delivers on deadline, every time.




Someone awesome once said 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' well that pretty much sums up our Sophie. Witty and sharp but so delicate and soft in delivery. She can market anything to anyone. It's this that makes her such a social media weapon.




You can't help but smile when you look at what Alex designs. It's all about fun. Alex has the incredible gift to draw as well as she designs blurring the lines of creativity between traditional art and computer generated content. Laid back but super sharp. Alex's work is pop culture in the making.