About Us

April Ford is a digital marketing agency built by business owners for business owners. We’re a full service digital marketing agency. We provide businesses, individuals and organisations a one stop shop for all their digital marketing needs. We make the difficult, easy. The expensive, affordable. The impossible, possible.

Having been in your shoes, tearing your hair out over trying to find affordable, trust worthy, reliable suppliers in web development, advertising, graphic design and social media, April Ford was the glaringly obvious solution.

Started a few years ago by a couple of young people who were simply armed with common sense and commitment to work harder than anyone else, April Ford is not some over the top creative agency. Instead we like to think of ourselves as a bunch of  normal people with some pretty unique skill sets. Like April for example. You’ll never meet someone who thinks the way she thinks. Brendan (the Ford part of it) has analysed more businesses and deployed more sales strategies than most have eaten hot dinners. Throw in some of the brightest minds in marketing and we are April Ford.

We’re big enough to handle your national campaign or international expansion but small enough to have to still be the ones fixing the printer when it breaks down. And it always does. We’re not precious. We’re not important. We just like to execute your ideas.


About our digital marketing agency

We help businesses and organisations generate more leads by executing a social media strategy that utilises proven digital marketing tools such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. Put simply, we help you find customers and sell stuff to them.

April Ford operates on three core values: we always do what’s right for the customer, we believe in results and we only work with like-minded people.

We work with customers large and small

From large listed organisations to privately owned family businesses, our clients come to us because they have a problem they want fixed, an opportunity they want to pursue or are at risk of losing market share to a competitor.

They’re often already invested in traditional media and are searching for someone like us to help them transition or leverage new media, in order to stay relevant. We live on and love the Sunshine Coast but we work with clients throughout Australia.

How we can help you

April Ford provides clients commercially focused advice and services. We act for clients in a range of capacities. For example, many small businesses engage us as their virtual marketing manager, allowing them flexibility and value for money.

Larger clients may need to us to help roll out major digital marketing initiatives in alignment to their traditional media, while others ask us to provide advice at an executive or board level.  It’s the hard questions we ask of the client about their business or organisation that dictates where we can be of service.

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Don't know where to start?

Start here. Download our free digital audit and we will ask you the hard questions to help you decide what you need and how to get there.



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