April Ford is a Digital Marketing Agency. We do social media and digital marketing, all day, every day.

We help you generate leads, close more leads and build your brand. Whether you’re a small business owner, marketing manager, CEO or Government Department, April Ford is your strategic digital marketing partner.

Make decisions based on real time data. Track every dollar spent, every lead generated, every sale made. Digital marketing allows you to get crystal clear about your business. After all, what you can’t measure you can’t manage. It’s about time you knew your return on investment in your marketing department.

April Ford offers turnkey marketing solutions for businesses big and small.

Social Media
Let us create, curate and manage unique powerful content for your social media accounts. We make pretty profitable.

Digital Advertising
Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and more. Trust our highly skilled team to manage your advertising budget.

Websites & Ecommerce
Need help creating a Squarespace or Shopify ecommerce website? We can help you make your brand stand out online.

Sales & Process Automation
Ever dreamt of automating your sales processes and systems, we make dreams come true.

Project Management
We work so you don’t have to. We take your big idea and make it happen. Our team of project managers gets your job done quicker when others simply can’t.

Virtual Marketing Manager
Want to outsource your marketing department. Get the skills and experience of an entire team for one easy fee.

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We are big believers in practising what you preach.

Download our free digital audit and experience a fully integrated, digital campaign. Please beware; it will follow you everywhere.

Show me, don’t tell me.
— Nigel Forbes (Dad)

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