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If traditional advertising is casting a net, digital advertising is choosing an individual fish in the school.

At April Ford, we believe that inbound or digital marketing is just as important as outbound, more traditional marketing. We don't see digital advertisement as a replacement for more traditional sources of lead generation. We believe both should work together, side-by-side, enhancing the result for the customer and align with the marketing strategy.


Social Media Content Creation & Management

Incredible Social Media content can set a business apart from its’ competitors. Having the amazing aesthetic, consistent distribution and correct strategy are all vital to ensure your social media is more than just pretty pictures. To produce content at a high level requires a photographer, a copy writer, graphic designer, scheduling and proofing systems and someone to actually post it. Let us do all of this for you with our Social Media Content Creation & Management packages. No locked in contracts, just a monthly fee based on either a small, medium or large package. Outsource your Social Media to us today


Digital Advertising

We can manage your digital advertising effectively and efficiently. Don’t risk wasting your budget without really knowing who to target, what strategy to use or even what type of ad works. Let us do all of that for you. We have highly skilled and experienced Advertising Managers and Analysts that ensure you get the best return on investment. We don’t offer impressions, we offer leads.


Google Ads


Facebook Advertising


Instagram Advertising

Display Advertising

Project Management

Got a project or idea that needs execution but don’t have the time or simply not sure where to start? We do. Our team of project managers take your projects and ideas, big and small, and simply get them done.

Sometimes your time is better spent closing the next big sale rather than chasing up where your website upgrade is up to. Or maybe you have an incredible idea but just don’t know how to make it work. We take your problems and project manage the solution. Benefit from preferential pricing with a trusted network of quality suppliers in print, software, design, advertising, media buying, public relations and more.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a system. A strategic sequence of actions that generate a lead specific to your objectives. We take a cohesive review of your objectives and marketing, then systematically structure it toward lead generation and lead conversion, integrating with your internal CRM and processes. We can build you a complete blueprint for your lead generation. Stop the leaks and lost opportunities today.


Email Marketing & Newsletters

Despite many of us furiously hitting the delete button at 8.15am to rid our inbox of the influx of email newsletters, it still is one of the highest return on investment marketing activities you can deploy when done right. From direct sales offers and promotions to investor or customer relations, email is a direct to user marketing tool that can really generate results. Let us show you how email marketing should be done.


Website & Ecommerce

We don’t build complicated websites. We build simple and effective ones. We’re not web developers. We are marketers. Our websites are built with two things in mind; Convert users to Customers and make it easy for you to operate.

Websites don’t have to be expensive and they don’t take months to build. They should be affordable and take only weeks. We use two of the world’s best platforms for our sites to ensure they’re secure, search engine optimised and easy to use. 

From e-commerce online stores with 500 products to simple landing pages, refreshing your brand or tidying up your content, our team is here to help. If we think your requirements are beyond our scope of services, we’ll refer you to a trusted supplier that will be happy to assist.

Virtual Marketing Manager

Often having a full time marketing manager isn’t viable in a business. We offer a Virtual Marketing Manager solution. Outsource your marketing department to April Ford and enjoy the benefit of a team of professionals. Only pay for the time you need us. We become your marketing manager without the commitment of another employee. Take the stress out of your marketing with our Virtual Marketing Manager service.

Sales & Process Automation

Automating your sales process isn’t a pipe dream, it’s completely possible. Automating your entire business system is a dream come true.

Just imagine a customer clicking on a Facebook advertisement, generating a lead, the lead being captured in your CRM system, your sales team being notified of the lead via email and asked to follow up. Then a series of actions occur until such time as the lead is converted into a sale. Once a sale, a checklist is automatically sent to your employees to follow to complete the transaction and deliver the product or service. All happening without you lifting a finger. Even better, all in a system that provides real time reporting on progress.

Almost any sales process or system can be automated. It just needs the right people to problem solve and develop a solution. We take multiple software and systems and integrate them into one streamlined automated format to improve efficiency, reduce lost leads and capture accurate data. Make life easy and automate it.


Brand Asset & Product Photography

The quality of your imagery will set you apart. Brand assets are essentially photos of your business, your people and infrastructure that can be used in multiple ways such as websites, social media and marketing. Product photography is exactly that. Photos of all your products or services shot in the same high quality output and layout. Whether it’s simple white backgrounds for an online store or styled shots showing the application of your products for social media, we do it all.

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Know you need something, but just not sure what?

Request our digital checklist and see for yourself. Self assess your current digital position and experience our digital marketing services for yourself.

Can we do it?

Yes we can. We have experience using many different software providers and can always adjust our processes to fit inside of your existing business. Examples of software we have, or currently use.







Active Campaign









Facebook Business Manager

G Suite




Google Analytics

Google Ads



And plenty more...

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Don’t change the plan, let the plan change you.

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