Maximised Profits For National Burger Franchise


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What we
achieved for
Maximised Profits For National Burger Franchise.

Increase In National Dine In And Takeaway Sales

Increase In Online Orders Via The Brand’s App

Reduction To High-Commission Delivery Orders, Shifting To Low-Commission Model

Increase Of Loyalty Program Members

Views Of Advertising Across All Regions

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the brief
what we achieved
the strategy
the results

The Brief.

Maximise profits for a national burger franchise by amplifying direct in-store and online sales across 15 restaurant locations.

Our approach was performance driven. Reduce orders from high-commission third-party delivery platforms. Drive up sales via the brand’s full-margin ordering app and website. Supercharge the brand loyalty program to triple in size.

To shift consumer behaviour in favour of dine in or takeaway sales, we rolled out a multi-level strategy focused on reaching a larger, qualified audience. More traffic, more profitability.

What we achieved.


Increase In National Dine In And Takeaway Sales


Increase In Online Orders Via The Brand’s App


Reduction To High-Commission Delivery Orders, Shifting To Low-Commission Model


Increase Of Loyalty Program Members


Views Of Advertising Across All Regions

the strategy.

Strengthened positioning with a multi-level strategy

The burger joint needed a digital brand experience that strengthened its position in the market. The launch of an interactive, visual-based website with beefed-up branding and a streamlined ordering process hit the mark.

Unique page views rose by 23%, and bounce rates plummeted compared to the six months prior to launch. The inflow of website traffic directly contributed to an 8% rise in direct sales, leading to significant revenue generation for all regions.

With the new positioning proven to generate results, we confidently rolled out the multi-level strategy to target qualified audiences.

Boosting organic engagement with influencer marketing

Customers eat with their eyes first. We turned to user-generated content for the ultimate FOMO trigger. Influencer marketing meant audiences from each region were engaged, salivating, and converting.

High-impact visuals paired with the new positioning contributed to serious growth across the brand’s social platforms. After launch, organic reach went through the roof, growing by 132% on Facebook and 128% on Instagram.

Stronger performing social channels lead to a steady rise in web and app traffic. Boosted engagement, boosted profits.

Franchise marketing support with Meta ads strategy

A performance-focused Meta advertising strategy was rolled out with geotargeting for each franchise location. Individual store support campaigns rapidly built brand awareness in each region by toting benefits for customers when ordering direct. 

This approach racked up 2.41 million ad views nationwide. Such significant audience engagement led to a surge of in-store foot traffic for all locations and accelerated loyalty program growth.

Steering customers away from the high-commission third-party delivery providers meant the brand could shift into a low-commission model. The more costs saved on delivery fees, the more profit in the bank. 

Triple size of loyalty program

Maximising impact across all channels meant the loyalty program offer had a greater cut-through. 

Prior to launch, members increased by 4% every 30 days (1,200 new members per month). After go-live, the brand saw an initial uptake spike of 15%, averaging at an ongoing growth rate of 9% every 30 days. 

With 4,000 new loyalty members joining the club every month, the restaurant has blown the initial target out of the park. This 380% increase in membership data is an invaluable, scalable tool for greater ad optimisation and growth.

The results.

Strengthened positioning and a full stack strategy drove hordes of new and loyal customers to place direct orders.

Before launch, third-party delivery platforms peaked at 30% of sales nationwide. Post-launch, high-commission delivery orders were reduced significantly by 26%. Dine-in and takeaway sales increased by 8%. Direct online orders rose by 5.77%. Loyalty program members increased by 380%.

Performance-focused marketing was the catalyst that set the burger franchise up for accelerated long-term growth. Less outgoing fees and significantly higher conversions increased revenue for all stores—a forking good result on a national scale.