433% Growth Generates $10.6M For National Hire Brand





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What we
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433% Growth Generates $10.6M For National Hire Brand.

Revenue Growth

Increase In Online Bookings In 12 Months

ROAS For Meta Ads

ROAS For Google Search & Display Ads

Impressions On Digital TV Ads

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the brief
what we achieved
the strategy
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The Brief.

Move a national hire brand into the next stage of growth.

From the outset, this brand had the potential to be a household name. A superior product and customer experience meant they were in the right position to leverage market demands.

To adapt to the changing COVID economy, we rolled out an omnichannel performance strategy that reinforced brand value, increased online orders and left their competitors in the dust.

What we achieved.


Revenue Growth


Increase In Online Bookings In 12 Months


ROAS For Meta Ads


ROAS For Google Search & Display Ads


Impressions On Digital TV Ads

the strategy.

433% growth with omnichannel strategy

Launching in 2019, the brand needed a growth strategy to weather the COVID storm. The answer was communicating clear value to deliver steady returns.

Touting the Australian-owned business as geographically accessible, affordable, and booked instantly solidified brand recall with their audience nationwide. 

To outlast competitors through COVID, we re-channelled budgets around lockdown locations and optimised messaging to those looking for a hire solution while they spent more time at home. As audience demands changed, we moved with them. Remaining responsive with the ads and budget strategy set the brand on the path to long-term linear scaling, achieving phenomenal year-on-year revenue growth.

25X ROAS for Meta ads

Banking on convenience and affordability as purchase motivators paid off. Abandoned booking offers, promotions and one-way hire deals across Meta ads converted more customers than ever before. 

Serving memorable taglines across the funnel and leveraging market demand saw a spike in interest. Clicks immediately rose by 25%, converting to a lower cost per action (CPA) than industry benchmarks at $1.97. 

Conversion growth and optimised budget saw Meta ads generate 25 x ROAS, opening up opportunities for the hire brand to scale further. 

148X ROAS for Google Search & Display

Now, everyone that has searched for a hire solution knows this brand. It boils down to serving high-intent, in-market audiences with what they want when they want it. 

Highly relevant keywords and carefully crafted ad copy delivered results a cut above the rest. Impression share increased. CTR hit 13.39%. Conversion rate clocked up to 19.6%.

Generating 148X ROAS and retaining the strongest share of voice in the market outpaced all competitors, guaranteeing the brand remained the number one choice for their offering.

Brand lift with Digital TV Programmatic Ads

For a rapidly growing brand with a high-performing strategy in place, digital TV unlocked new audiences at mass. We activated five unique third-party audiences to target at scale. 

The key to success was a campaign capitalising on the full-screen viewing experience. Serving an unforgettable character across sequential ads has built an ongoing brand story that cuts through the clutter to deliver results.

With a video completion rate of 98.7%, the highly engaging ads saw audiences move through the funnel at pace. Ad impressions ticked over 400,000, leading to an 11.88% rise in web traffic.

The insanely good results for cold and remarketing audiences distributed brand lift across all platforms. With it, the brand could confidently scale its ad budget to harness demand and increase its bottom line. 

The results.

Communicating value, delivering memorable campaigns and stepping up ads budget to meet market demands delivered returns ten-fold.

Hitting online booking KPIs year-on-year has allowed the brand to invest further. More products, more hire locations, more staff. Levelling up its offering has seen the brand smash competitors out of the playing field and become the market leader.

With 433% growth generating $10.6M in revenue since our partnership, nothing stands in the way of this national hire brand. And there’s no denying the long-term impact of a performance strategy geared toward exponential growth.